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A/B Testing

A/B testing was created to test different versions of a web page and measure the effects in Google Analytics.

This extension adds two new page types in TYPO3 that are used to set up an A/B testing: 1. A/B Original - the original page 2. A/B Variation - variations of the original to be tested

To set up the A/B testing, copy the page that should be tested and paste into itself to create a subpage of it that look the same (don't forget to disable recursive copy! pic.1.1), repeat this step to create a second copy and then name the copies something with V1 and V2 (doesn't actaully matter). Do changes to V1 and V2 and when they are ready, change their page type to A/B Variation, change the original to A/B Original (pic.2.1).

Integration with Google Analytics

Use the List module to create an Experiment on the A/B Original page (pic 3.1, pic. 3.2). There are 3 fields 1. Experiment ID, which is obtained when the experiment is create in Google Analytics 2. Variations - create one with variation ID = 1 linking to the A/B Varation V1 page and create one with variation ID = 2 linking to the A/B Varation V2 page (pic. 4.). Note that when the experiment is created in Google Analytics, the URL for variation 1 and 2 are NOT needed, because they are only needed when A/B testing is done with javascript. Our extension choose the variation on the server and sends data to Google Analytics with a tracking code.

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