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2.1 Create new page

Click on the icon above the tree structure, which will expand a small menu below. (img 2.1.1)

Drag the Page icon down in the tree structure and drop it in its place. It is possible to drop it between two pages or you can drop it on an existing page to make it a sub page.  After you drop it a field opens up and here you can insert the page title. Press Enter to save. To edit the title, simply double click the title. (img 2.1.2)

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    This section takes you through the basics of TYPO3, ex how to login and change your user settings. 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Common expressions 1.3 Login 1.4 User settings 1.5 Field description TYPO3 VERSION 6 TYPO3 VERSION 4.5+


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