1.2 Creating users

Select List in the left hand menu and the folder Users (The name of the folder can vary). (img. 1.2.1)

To create a user, click the create new icon. (img. 1.2.2)

The General tab contains user account information. Fill out the username, ex. an email address, (1), password (2) and select one or more user groups by clicking them below Available items, to add them to Selected items (3). (img. 1.2.3)

The tab Personal Data contains fields regarding for example name, company and email. If you are using the Retrieve password function for the user, the email address must be filled out. (img. 1.2.4)

Below the Options tab you can lock the user to a specific IP-address. Consult your project manager or support@remove-this.pixelant.remove-this.se for more information about this (1). It is also possible to redirect the user to a specific page after login (2). (img. 1.2.5)

The Access tab allows you to set a start date (1) and/or an end date (2) for the user. The user account will not be accessible until the start date sets in, or after an end date has set in. (img. 1.2.6)