1.1. Creating a form

Unlike previous version of Powermail, forms are now stored in a systemfolder in the page tree. Go to List in the left hand menu and then select the folder to store the forms in. (Img. 1.1.1) 

1.2. Listing of the forms

Forms (1), Pages (2) and Fields (3) are listed in the folder, but you are able to edit all of them inside the form. (Img. 1.2.1)

1.3. Creating the form

To create a new form, click the Create new record icon below the Forms section. (Img. 1.3.1)

1.4. Form title

Under the tab "General" you will type the title of the form. Depending on how the Powermail is configurated, this field will only be for internal use to separate the forms, but in some cases it is shown in the front as well. After typing the title, click "Create new". (Img. 1.4.1)

1.5. Pages title

The Pages title is shown in the front, and Pages is used in case of the form having multiple steps. You can then create one or more Pages and split up the form different sections. This is useful when a form contains a lot of fields, which could scare the visitor off. After typing in the title, click "Create new". (Img. 1.5.1)

1.6. Create field

You have now created the first field and need to configurate it. First type in the title which will be shown as label in the front. After that select what kind of field it should be. (Img. 1.6.1)

1.7. Field types

Field types 

Textfield (Input)
A regular textfield for name, e-mail etc.

Textfield with more Rows (Textarea)
Used as message field.

Creates a drop-down list with either single or multiple choice option. 

Creates a checkbox list with multiple choice option.

Creates a radiobutton list with single choice option.

Creates a submit button.

The Extra fields are often dependent on other modules, and might not be available to use.

(Img. 1.7.1)

1.8. Field General tab

The tab "General", for each field, contains information about the field type. If you have a fields that lists different options (ex selectfield) there will be a field to insert the options.

Powermail has a function that allows TYPO3 to automatically send an e-mail to the person filling out the form (a confirmation e-mail). In case you wish to use this function, you need to check which field is a name field and the e-mail field (checkboxes in image below). (Img. 1.8.1)

1.9. Field Extended tab

The tab Extended, contains settings for making the field mandatory (1), validating the field for correct input, for example an e-mail address (2), setting a prefill value shown inside the field on the front (3) and finally the ID of the field (4), which can be used in the confirmation e-mail (more about this later on). (Img. 1.9.1)

1.10. Field Access tab

As all other elements in TYPO3 you are also able to hide fields and set start and end time. These settings for the field can be found under the tab "Access". (Img. 1.10.1)