2.2 Collapsible content (Accordion)

When creating a list of, for example Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), a presentable way is to use collapsible content. This will expand the answers below the questions.

To create collapsible content, start by adding a 'Group of collapsibles' below the tab 'Grid Elements'. No configuration is needed, so simply save and close the element. (2.2.1)

Now you need to create the collapsible for the content. Add a collapsible by creating a new content inside the group of collapsibles (2.2.2). Here you will only find one option of content, 'Collapsible' (2.2.3).

Below the tab 'General', add a question/header in the header field. Then save and close the element. (2.2.4)

Repeat the creation of 'Collapsible', one for each question. Inside each collapsible you can create the content for the answers. Most types of content can be added inside a collapsible. (2.2.5)