2.3 Slider container

To create a 'Slider container' go to a 'Grid Elements' tab. (2.3.1)

In the 'General' tab, you can see that the content element type 'Grid Element' (1) and grid layout 'Slider container' are selected (2). 
The element also uses the regular header field (3) and a link field (4), where you can insert the site or page you want to link to. (2.3.2)

The 'Slider container' has multiple settings to fill your needs. You can decide if the buttons, to see next or previous slide, should be visible (1) and if there should be a pagination (2). You can also set if the slides should be in a loop (3) when autoplay is set (4). If you have smaller elements in the slider container, you can select to show more than one in each slide (5). You are able to set the transition time between each slide (6). Finally, if you have one slide per carusel view set, you can also ad slider effects (7). (2.3.3)

After the setting of necessary parameters, you need to 'close and save' the 'Slider container', then you'll see the area (2.3.4) where you can add new elements (it can be images, for example).