3.6 Handle multiple files in Filelist

The clipboard allows you to move and delete several elements at the same time. To activate the clipboard function, make sure that you have the checkbox 'Show clipboard' checked. You can find the checkbox below the listing of files in Filelist. Afterwards a new section will appear below the checkboxes containing the clipboard. (3.6.1)

NOTE! This function can also be applied to the use of List view, and moving content elements.

To use the clipboard, select one of the three available clipboards by clicking on it. A column with checkboxes and icons appears on the right-hand side of the file management icons. (3.6.2)

Select objects with the checkboxes and then an action with the icons above. You can move selected items with 'Transfer the selection of files to clipboard' (1). If you click the trash can icon (2) to delete content you will be asked to confirm if you wish to remove these objects. Finally there is an icon to select/un-select (3) all items in the list. (3.6.3)

The three available clipboards make it possible to collect files from one folder, into the separate clipboards, to later paste the content into separate folders.

After transferring selected files to a clipboard, you will be able to see them in the section below, and it is also possible to see information about each file (the i-icon) and also remove them from the clipboard through the trash can icon. (3.6.4)

By clicking another folder in the filelist, you are there able to paste the content from a clipboard. Use the 'Paste in clipboard content' icon, marked in the image, to paste the content. (3.6.5)