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2. The SEO module in TYPO3 (using cs_seo extension)

Go to the SEO module, by selecting 'SEO' in the left hand menu (1), and clicking the startpage in the page tree (2). Now you will see all first level pages in a list on the right-hand side. You can select select any page, to focus on that particular section. Expand the page level shown, by setting Depth (3). Below you will see available pages (4). (2.1)

The fields you are able to edit, from the SEO module, are; 'Browser Title', 'Title only' (to only use the browser title, and not the suffix) and 'Description'. To edit a field, double-click it in the column (1). The addition will automatically be saved when clicking outside the field. Below you will be able to see what the text will look like in a search result (2) and also how many chatacters are left for this particular field (3). (2.2)

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    Is this a core module? because I didn't found such module in TYPO3. Also checked the TYPO3 extensions, There are different SEO extensions but not this one.

    Victoria Möllerström Hjelm

    Hi Rajen,
    This is not a core module, but the extension is called cs_seo which can be found in the TYPO3 repository.
    Best regards,