3. SEO report module (using cs_seo extension)

The SEO report allows you to get information about the optimization of your pages, such as; Headers being used correctly, if alternative texts have been added to pictures, if there has been added a browser title and description etc. All this information will effect how your website is ranked on the search engines.

The SEO report will only work after a page has been published. To check the SEO before releasing it to the public, you can set the page property access 'In menus' to 'Hide' and then publish it. This will make the page accessable by the SEO report module.

When the page has been published, a module will appear above the content area. Click 'Update' to get a fresh report. (3.1)

After the update, a report will be available by clicking the arrow on the right-hand side of the module. (3.2)

At the top you can see the score for the selected page (the result will be highlighted with red, yellow and green, for clarity).

A number of stats will be shown (can be in a different order than shown in the image below):

  1. Meta description: the system will allert you if this is missing, as well as when it is not the optimal length.
  2. H1 headline: the H1 refers to heading type 'Layout 1' / 'Heading 1' , of which there should always be one. The system alerts you if this is missing or if there are to many.
  3. H2 headlines: the H2 refers to heading type 'Layout 2' / 'Heading 2', of which there can be 3-4. The system alerts you if this is missing, not enough or if there are to many.
  4. Focus Keyword: The 'Focus Keyword' kan be added in the page properties, and kan be more than one word separated by comma. The system will alert you if this is missing. It will also make a check to see if the focus keywords are used in the content of the page.
  5. Browser title: This is one of the most important fields when doing SEO, also referred to as title-tag. The system will alert you if it is missing, or if the optimal length is not reached.
  6. Alt attributes: This is referring to the 'Alternative text' connected to images. If possible, images should always have an alternative text, for a higher availability rate.