3. Site tree functions

The Site tree in FE Edit works a little bit different than the page tree you are used to in the backend interface. There you can drag and drop pages to move and create new ones. In the FE Edit this is not possible, and is therefore utilized a bit differently.

To create new pages, start by selecting a page in the site tree. If you wish to create a subpage, you need to select the page where the subpage should be placed into. After that click the 'Create new page'-icon. (3.1.1)

A popup window will open, showing the entire page tree, with arrows where you are able to place the new page. As we can see in the picture, sublevels are only available for the page that was selected. (3.1.2)

After selecting the placement of the new page, the backend interface for page properties is opened, and you can add all neccesary information for the page. Simply save and close when you are done. If the added page is not visible in the Site tree structure, you can use the refresh icon above the page tree (See in image 2.2). (3.1.3)

You can edit the page propeties by clicking the title in the site tree, and then clicking the page edit icon above. This will open the backend interface in a popup. (3.2.1)

Just as you can filter the page tree in the backend, it is also possible in the frontend editing. Click the filter icon above the site tree, to expand the search field. (3.3.1)

Either type in the whole page title, part of it or the page ID number. This will limit the view to the page/pages containing the search query. To go back to viewing the entire page tree, empty the search field. (3.3.2)