2.1 Adding text to your news

A news record has five tabs with information. The first tab, 'General', contains the general information of the news.

The 'Header' field is shown in all views as the news header (1).

It is possible to create three different types of news which can be selected from the drop-down (2). The first, 'News', is a regular news article with header, teaser and text. The second option, 'Link internal Page', has the header and teaser, but not text. Instead you can link it to an internal page. The last option, 'Link external page', also has the header and teaser and then a link option to add an external website. 

A news article is not hidden when created, so make sure to check the hide box, if you do not wish to publish the news article directly (3). 

Usage of the 'Teaser' field (4), is varied on the different TYPO3 websites. Some news modules doesn't use it at all and some only in the listing views. If used in the single news view it is often displayed in a bolder font above the body text.

'Author name' (5) and 'Author mail' (6) fields can be used to show who wrote the news. These fields are optional, and leaving them blank will not affect the frontend.

The 'Date & Time' (7) field is the date that is shown next to the news article, but also what structures the listing order on the frontend, so that the latest news is listed at the top. When created, the news is given the creation date, but it is possible to adjust the date. 

Using the 'Rich Text Editor' (8) works the same way as in the text elements. (img. 2.1.1)