2.11 How to create categories

News categories can be used as a filtering option for news articles. This means that the news can be displayed in different places on the website, for instance separating news into regular news and press releases.

To create a new category, select 'List' in the left hand menu (1) and go to the Categories archive folder (2). Click plus-icon next to 'Title' (3) to add a new Category. (Img. 2.11.1)

Write the Category title in the field (4), 'save and close' it (5). (Img. 2.11.2)

To add the created Category to a news article go to the News archive folder (6), then go to the 'Options' tab inside the necessary article (7). Below the tab 'Options' you can add categories by checking the box of the category, there you have an opportunity even to add several categories to one news article (8). (Img. 2.11.3)

If you want to check what news articles belong to each Category, you can use 'Item' tab inside the necessary Category (9) and there you can see the list of all news relevant to that Category.
There you may delete, move them up and down (10) or add other news articles by using folder icon in right corner (11). (Img. 2.11.4)

When you click right corner icon (11), you will see the whole page tree of the site, there you just need to choose News archive folder and then you will see the list of all news and choose which articles you would like to connect to the category. (Img. 2.11.5)