3.2 Setting up the news plugin

The list view setting in the plugin will list news from the news folder. It can show all news, without restriction, or be configured to show news from specific category or to push Top news.

Create a new content element on the page, and select 'News system' below the tab 'Plugins'. (3.2.1)

After opening the plugin element, go to the tab 'Plugin' and the first tab below, 'Settings'. Start by selecting what the plugin should show (img. 3.2.2):

  • List view; Used to list all news articles, or can be set to show articles from a specific category or push Top news.
  • List of selected items; Select news articles to show in a list.
  • Detail view; Used to show the individual news article.
  • Date menu; An archive function that automatically adds new articles in a date menu.
  • Search form; Specific search field used for news articles.
  • Search result; This plugin can be placed on a separate page to show news search results.
  • Category menu; Lists available categories for filtering news articles.
  • Tag list; Lists available subject tags for filtering news articles.

Depending on what setting is selected, the fields will change. If a prompt window is shown, click 'OK'.