3.4 Configuring the detailed view

Please read the section about page structure, before continuing.

After selecting 'Detail view' ('Plugin' --> 'Settings' tab) (1), the detailed view has an option to only show a selected news article (2), but normally this will be left empty. To select an article, use the search field or click the 'News' button, and then the news storage folder to find the available articles.

If you wish to able to preview hidden articles on the website, this option can be set to 'Yes' (3)

The 'Startingpoint', is where you select what folder in the page tree the news articles are stored in. Select the folder by clicking the 'Page' button (4) and in the page tree, presented in a popup, click the folder title where the newsa are stored, or by searching for the page title in the search field. If you have mutliple folders containing news articles, you can continue adding by repeating the steps.

'Recursive:' (5) allows you to include subfolders, by setting number of levels in the dropdown. (img. 3.4.1)

Below the tab 'Additional' selection of what page is used to display the detailed news article (1) is not used.

'PageID to return to' (2) sets what page to return to the list view. Click the 'Page' button (2) to select which list-page should be used, or search for the page title in the search field above.

Selection to only show news articles with specific tags (3) is not used for the detailed view. 

Exclution of already viewed news articles (4), is not used in detailed view.

The checkbox 'Disable override demand' (5) is used to override settings set in the general configuration for news plugins in the installation. (img. 3.4.2)

The 'Template' tab contains settings for the max width (1) and height (2) of media placed in the template. Recommended is to leave these fields empty, and use the designed news template.

'Template layout' (3) contains available news templates, and the selection here depends on what templates has been implemented in the installation. (img. 3.4.3)