1.1 Product attribute sets

To add attributes to the products, you must create an 'Attribute set' in which you specify the attributes. This can then be selected in the categories and automatically add attributes to products connected to that category.

Adding attribute sets

To create an attribute set, go to List view and select the product manager (or equivalent) folder in the page tree. In the attribute set section, select to create new record. (1.1.1)

Below the 'General' tab you will find the hide function (1), and you need to set the name of the attribute set (2). Selection of attributes is done by clicking on the attribute title in the field 'Available Items' (3), so that they are moved to the field 'Selected Items' (4). The section between the two fields (5) is used to handle selected attributes, by marking the attribute title in the left hand field, and then move it up and down in the list and also remove it from selected items by using the trash bin icon. (1.1.2)

The 'Access' tab allows you to set publish dates for the attribute set. (1.1.3)