4.1 Adding a product plugin

This section will take you through the general process of creating a product manager plugin on your website. Please see separate sections for information on settings for the different types of functions connected to the plugin.

To create the plugin, make sure you are in Page view, select the page where you wish to place the plugin and click to create 'Content'. (Img. 4.1.1)

Select the 'Product manager' plugin below the tab 'Plugins'. (Img. 4.1.2)

Go to the 'Plugin' tab and select which 'Plugin mode' should be used. A prompt will open, click 'OK' to allow the fields in the plugin to update.

The section 'Record Storage Page' allows you to select which folder/folders the product information should be fetched from. You can either use the search field, or browse from the page tree with the 'Page' button (1). Below this field it is also possible to set the plugin to fetch from subfolders as well, using the 'Recursive' option. (Img. 4.1.3)

There are 9 different plugin modes in the product manager:

  • List view (Possible navigation) - This listing is based on categories and creates a submenu.
  • Grouped list view - This view will present a page listing of products, divided into sections based on categories.
  • Custom products list view - This view will present selected products or categories on a page.
  • Single view - Used to present the detailed view of a product.
  • Lazy list - This view will show all products from category/categories. This view also allows you to add filter options.
  • Wishlist - Presents the visitors favored products.
  • Compare pre-view - This view allows the visitor to compare product information.
  • Promotion List - Will show selected products in a list.
  • Navigation menu - Allows you to add a separate category menu.

(Img. 4.1.4)

After selecting the 'Plugin mode', the information inside the plugin will differ, depending on which mode is chosen. But the general notion is to go through the available tabs and settings of the 'Plugin Options' below the 'Plugin' tab. (Img. 4.1.5)

Please see separate sections on each plugin mode settings.