4.4 Custom products list view settings

With the 'Custom products list view' you are able to create a page that simply lists products, either selected or based on categories.

After selecting 'Custom products list view' in 'Plugin mode', you are able to set which page (1) should be used as detailed view for products. If left empty, the default detailed view will be used.

The 'Custom products list mode' (2) can be set to use 'Defined by products list', which means that the listing will be based on selected products, or 'Defined by category' to use the categories and products connected to them.

If 'Defined by products list' is used, you can select products by searching for them in the search field (3) or click the 'Page' button (4) to select them from the product folder. (5) see next section. (Img. 4.4.1)

When selecting products from a folder, a prompt is opened. Select the product folder, and add products either by using the search function (1) or using the plus icon (2) on the left hand side of the products. (Img. 4.4.2)

After making your selection, close the promt to return to the plugin settings. Your products will now be listed in the 'Products to show' field (1). The products can be sorted by marking them in the list, and using the icons on the right hand side (2) to move them up and down or deleting them.

If 'Defined by category' is selected (1), you can set a limit to how many products are listed (2) and a category selection will be displayed below (3). Categories containing products must be selected, for example if you only select the general product category, no products will be displayed. (Img. 4.4.4)