1.5 Field description

TYPO3 contains three different fields. The one on the left is the menu which allows you to access the different edit modes. (img 1.5.1)

Page; Create new pages and content.

View; Preview the website inside the backend.

List; Work with database objects, ex News elements.

Filelist; Upload images and other files to use on the website.

Task center; Quick links to create database objects. 

User settings; Change password and other personal settings.

Manual; Link to the website www.typo3manual.se

Support; Link to Pixelant Helpdesk. 

The field to the right of left menu, contains the page tree of which the structure of the website is built on. (img 1.5.2)

Clicking a page in the tree structure will in return expand a third field, where all page editing is executed. Each post in the tree structure represents a page on the website. (img 1.5.3)