7.2 Adding Youtube video with the Media element

You can also add a Youtube video on your website, by copying the URL of the video on the Youtube site, and the "Media element" in TYPO3. This will create a video player as shown below. (img 7.2.1) 

Go to the Youtube website and find the video you wish to use. Copy the URL address, in this case: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfcfstwSQzo. (Img. 7.2.2)

Now go to your TYPO3 website and create a new element on the page where you want the video. Select "Media" under the tab "Special elements". (img 7.2.3) 

Under the tab "Media", there is two more tabs. Klick "Video Element" and paste your copied URL in the text field. (img 7.2.4) 

Go to the tab "Media Options", where you can set the width of the media player. (img 7.2.5)