Product module (pxa_pm)

This product module is a separate extension.

The product viewing is based on a structure of categories, sub categories, attributes and products, that are stored in a separate system folder in the page tree. The pages containing products are using the product module plugin. If you use the filter view (Lazy list), categories and attributes can be used to filter the products. It is also possible to use the product list structure based on the categories, which will add a left hand side category menu instead. The final option is to show the products grouped by category where the website visitor can choose to show products as cards, or in a list.

View the short video below, to get an overview:

The order to create the different components are; Step 1. Attributes, Step 2. Attribute sets, Step 3. Categories, Step 4. Subcategories, Step 5. Products and Step 6. Filters (only used in Lazy list view, and attributes must be of certain type).

With the product module main features you can:

  • Add products
  • Add categories, attributes and attribute sets     
  • Add images to products and categories
  • Add related files and links to products
  • Add related products, accessories and sub productor to products
  • Use navigation through filter function, using side navigation based on categories or using the grouped view also based on categories
  • Sorting products listing on the frontend alphabetically or via date
  • Allows visitor to add products to wishlist
  • Allows visitor to compare products
  • Create order from product selection

The product module standard feature does not support:

  • Payment