6. Create reference to element

If you want to publish the same content in more than one place on the website, but only wish to update it in one place, you can create a reference. A reference can be placed in two different ways, either using the Reference element (which allows you to select multiple content elements as references) or by copying an element and the pasting it as a reference.

Pasting reference by copying element

The easiest way of creating single references, is by simply copying the content element and then pasting as a reference.

To copy an element, click the icon in the top left corner of the content element (6.1).

Select 'Copy' in the drop down menu, that appears (6.2).

After copying an element, paste icons will appear in all the places where it is possible to paste content (6.3).

After clicking the pasting icon, select 'Paste reference' in the dialogue box (6.4).