Bookmarking pages in TYPO3

TYPO3 allows you to save pages and contents as bookmarks, to easier access them. This is a very useful function if you have websites with an extensive number of pages or when you have installations with multiple websites.

When you are located on a page or editing a content element, you will find a star icon in the top right hand corner. After clicking the star icon to save it, a dialogue window will ask you to confirm the bookmarking.

All saved bookmarks are listed below the star icon in the top bar. Click the icon to expand the list.

All saved bookmarks are shown in the list as links. An icon on the left hand side (1) shows what type of bookmark it is, for example list object, page or content. The title of the bookmark (2) is based on the type of bookmark, for example Shortcut or Edit page content, in combination of page title. You also have a pen icon (3) to edit the bookmark, for example to change the title of the bookmark or set it to a specific type of record. Finally the trash can icon (4) allows you to delete the bookmark.

Editing the bookmark allows you to change the title (1), if you wish to specify the bookmark further. It is also possible to set bookmarks to be of a specific type (2) which will organize them. The example in the second image, shows the bookmarks divided into Pages and Records.