Exporting data through List view

This tutorial will show you how to export data from your TYPO3, using the List view functions.

Select 'List' view in the control panel, and the page which you wish to export the data from. In this example we will be exporting product data from the products folder.

Selecting fields to export

Before exporting the data, we need to select which type of records and fields to export from the folder. As we are exporting product information, we will start by limiting our view to products. Do this by clicking the header section of the products.

Below the product listing, you will find a box listing all available fields for products. On the left hand side of each field, there is a checkbox to select the field. Check the boxes for the fields you wish to include in the export and then click 'Set fields' (1) below the box.

The product list view will now be updated, adding each field type as a column.

Exporting data as a CSV file

To export the desired data, click the export icon above the product listing.

A file will now have been saved on your computer.

The file created is of the file format CSV. This file can be opened in any spreadsheet sofware. Listed below are som links with instructions on how to open a CSV file in the most common softwares.