11.1 Adding new content

Start with going to the login for your website. Before login in, switch interface to FrontEnd. This will send you to the front of of the website. (img 11.1.1)

Back on the front, an editing menu has been added. It contains the different kind of elements that you can create, and also an on/off button (1), Logout button (2) and a TYPO3 logo to access the BackEnd interface. (img 11.1.2)

To add a new content element to a page, grab it in the editing and drag it down on the page. Markings of where you can add the element will be visible and turn yellow when holding cursor over it. Release the content element. (img 11.1.3)

A new content opens in a light box. It contains the same information as it does in the BackEnd. Fill out content information and Save & Close. (img 11.1.4)