1.4 User settings

The user settings can be found in the menu to the left. Click "User settings" to access.

Below the tab "Personal data", you can add you name (1) and e-mail address (2). It is also possible to change your password (3,4) and language settings (5). (img 1.4.1)

The tab "Startup" allows you to set which view you wish to see, when you log on to TYPO3. (img 1.4.2)

Below the tab "Edit & Advanced functions" you are able to enable/disable the Aloha editor (1), in newer versions of TYPO3, for frontend editing. Another useful function is to enable recursive copy of multiple levels of pages in the page tree, by adding the number of levels in the field (2). Finally you can also enable recursive delete, to in the same way delete multiple levels of pages in the page tree (3). (img 1.4.3)