10.1 List view

List view enables you to perform actions like search, move, edit multiple elements on a page and editing the page settings of subpages. The list view can be used for folders in the pagetree as well as regular pages. Select "List" in the left hand menu and the page you wish to edit. (Img. 10.1.1)

Sorting and editing

In list view you can view all different elements and subpages of the selected page. At the top of each section there is a header to let you know what type of content it is (1). Create new objects of the given type by clicking the "Create new record" icon (2). All objects of the specific type are listed in their section (3).

There are three check-boxes below the object sections; "Extended view" (4), "Show clipboard" (5) and "Localization view" (6). Extended view gives you access to editing icons etc. "Show clipboard" presents the clipboard features. Finally there is a "Localization view" checkbox, to view translations for the objects, if any exist. 

The clipboard (7) has three different clipboards to store copied or cut objects. The search function (8) allows you to search by title or content. (Img. 10.1.2)

Clicking the section title, or the plus sign to the right, enables the selection of fields. Mark one or more by holding down the Ctrl-key while clicking to set fields. The selected fields will now be available for editing, sorting and exporting. (Img. 10.1.3)

The pen icon at the title above each column is for editing that particular field for all elements on that page. This is useful for editing visibility or image sizes etc. Sort the elements by clicking the column title. (Img. 10.1.4)

The example below shows how you can edit all element images on a page. Exchange the images and save with the save icons at the top. (Img. 10.1.5)

You can export the selected fields to a CSV-file, which can be opened in table softwares like Excel. (Img. 10.1.6)

Clipboard in "List view"

The clipboard allows you to move, copy or delete several elements at the same time. To activate the clipboard select one of the clipboards available by clicking it (1). A menu will appear in the list view (2). (Img. 10.1.7)

Select objects with the check boxes and select an action with the icons above. With the "Moving objects" icon you can copy content you want to paste into another page/folder. If you click the trash can icon to delete content you will be asked to confirm if you wish to remove these objects. (Img. 10.1.8)

If you click another page or folder the clipboard and its content will be available for pasting. Click the icon marked in the image to paste the content you just selected for moving, into this page. (Img. 10.1.9)

Search in list view

In list view you can also search content on the page you are on, or extend it to several levels. Just type your word and select "Search". A list of results will be presented. (Img. 10.1.10)