15.1 Image, header, text and link

The "Image, Header, Text, Link"-element is often used on the start page as promo boxes. The element is found below the tab "Mallar" when creating a new element (img 15.1.1). 

NOTE! These elements are implemented in newer installations of TYPO3 (Pixelant Core), and might not be available for older versions.

The element uses the regular header field (1) and a text field (2), which is a plain text field, and it is not possible to format this text with row breaks, linked text or any type of text transformation (img 15.1.2). 

Moving on, you can see the fluid content type that is selected (3), add a link target (4) and a text for the link (5) (img 15.1.3). 

For this type of element you are also able to add an image by moving on to the "Images" tab (5) and clicking "Add image". The image is selected from the filelist (img 15.1.4). It is also possible to crop the image, by selecting the "Cropping" tab inside the image information. Here you can choose the ratio for the image, and after clicking OK, you can select the area you wish to crop (img 15.1.5).  

Here is what the element looks like in the frontend. Of course it can differ a bit between the designs of the websites (img 15.1.6).