15.4 Carousel (Image slider)

This chapter will show you how to create an image slider with information on your website (img 15.4.1). 

NOTE! These elements are implemented in newer installations of TYPO3 (Pixelant Core), and might not be available for older versions.

To add the image slider element, click to create a new element on a page and go to the "Templates" (mallar) tab. Select "Carousel"  (img 15.4.2). 

Below the "General" tab, you will find all the information for the slider. There are two tabs in the section "Plugin options". The tab "Options" contain general information about the image slider, such as whether the circle icon (showing the number of slides) should be displayed in the frontend (1), the slide interval of the images (2), the slide ID which is created automatically (3) and whether the carousel should start sliding on page-load (4) (img 15.4.3). 

Moving on to the tab "Elements" you are here able to add the slides. Click the icon next to "Add new:" to add a new slide (img 15.4.4). 

Each slide has a set of fields, to add an image (by clicking the folder icon and selecting the image from Filelist), option if the caption should be shown on the slide (1), a subheader (2), header (3), text (4), A link text (5), link target (6) and finally the option to add more slides. All fields, except the image, are optional depending on if you wish to have text on top of the image or not (img 15.4.5).