2.4 Move and copy page

Drag and drop the page in the page tree to move it. Grab it by the page title.

By doing the same thing, but holding Ctrl before letting go, you can copy the page. Note that on Mac it is the actual Ctrl-button you use.

Copy page by using the page menu

Copying a page can also be done by using the page icon (Img. 2.4.1). Click the page icon to access the menu and select Page action --> Copy. (Img. 2.4.2)

Now click the page icon of the page you wish to paste the copied page into or after. Select Page actions and now you will see the option to Paste into or Paste after. Select you option and wait for the copy to be created. (Img. 2.4.3)

When it is done, the page will appear and the title field will be open. Add the new title of the copied page. Press Enter to save. (Img. 2.4.4)