3.3 Upload files

To upload files, select a folder in the filelist and click the upload icon at the top. (Img. 3.3.1)

A window with you local computer appears. Select images. It is possible to select more than one image at the time by using Ctrl or Shift. Click "Open" to start upload. (Img. 3.3.2) 

After selecting and opening, a dialogue window asks you "Shall existing files be overwritten?". Clicking "OK" (2) will overwrite files with the exact same name and file-format. Clicking "Cancel" (1) will skip any already existing titel. The dialogue window will show up even if there are no already existing files. (Img. 3.3.3) 

It is also possible to upload files by dragging them from your Finder window into the grey area in TYPO3. (Img. 3.3.4)