6.1 Creating a reference element

There are two ways of creating a reference: Either by fetching content (which demand the content elements to have a titel, in order to find them) or by copying the content and then pasting into the reference element.

6.1.1 Creating a reference by fetching content

To create a referenced element by fetching content, create a new element on the page where you wish to have the reference. Select "Insert records", below the tab "Special elements". (img 6.1.1)

Select the record you want to insert by clicking the folder icon as shown in the image below. (img 6.1.2)

A popup will appear with the page tree. Select the page that contains the element you wish to create the reference from. A list shows all available elements on the page. Click the element. It is important that the elements have a header title, so that it's easier to find them in the list. (img 6.1.3)

The selected item will now be listed below "Records". Save and close the element. (img 6.1.4)

6.1.2 Creating a reference element by copying content

To create a referenced element by copying a content, first copy the content you wish to create reference from. Click the icon in the top left corner of the content element (img 6.1.5). Then select "Copy" in the drop down menu (img 6.1.6).

Paste the copied content by using the paste icon. The content title will appear in the "Records" field. Save and close element. (img 6.1.7)