8.1 Editing text content

Start with going to the login for your website. Before login in, switch interface to Frontend. This will send you to the front of of the website. (img 8.1.1)

When you enter a page while in the frontend, yellow borders will appear around all contents that can be edited. Click inside a text mass to start editing. (img 8.1.2)

When editing the text a toolbar menu appears above it, with options to change format to bold, italic etc. If you want more formatting options, click the pen icon to enter the backend view.  The Aloha editor is either configured to auto save the changes, or it could be set to save by a button in the Aloha menu bar above the website. (img 8.1.3)

The Header is a separate field with options to adjust the header type. (img 8.1.4)