9.2 The SEO module in TYPO3

To go to the SEO module, select SEO in the left hand menu, and click the startpage in the page tree. Now you will see all pages on the web site in list to the right column. You can select select any page, to focus on that particular section. (img 9.2.1)

At the top of the right hand column there is a drop-down where you can select which metadata you want to edit. The pages list below is like a table structure with rows and columns. The first column "Page" always looks the same, while the ones to the right changes depending on the selection you made in the drop down menu earlier.

Each of the columns consists of fields which you can edit by clicking directly on them, not the pen icon popping up when hovering. In this way you can easily overview and edit the SEO information for all pages, for example description and keywords. (img 9.2.2)

Selecting Pagetitle, will instead give you access to edit the title-TAG, "Title (Absolute)", the Prefix and the Suffix. (img 9.2.3)

At the bottom of the column there is a Depth selector, allowing you to choose how many page levels you wish to see in you view. (img 9.2.4)

To edit a field, hoover over it and click the field, NOT the pen icon. (img 9.2.5)

After clicking the field a pop-up will appear. Add or edit the text and then Save. (img 9.2.6)