4.6 Remove formatting

If your text was copied from a Word document or a website and then pasted into TYPO3, it is necessary to remove any formatting that might accompany the text. If you do not remove the formatting, the text on the website might show in a different font and size, on the front end. It can also effect the functionality of the website. 

You remove formatting by selecting the “Remove formatting”-icon, the icon that looks like a yellow brush, after pasting the text into the text editor. It is not necessary to mark the text. (Img. 4.6.1)

A pop-up will appear with options to remove formatting from Word and HTML-code (from text copied from a website). There are also specific options for HTML-formatting, like excluding images and tags.

Check the boxes for the type of text you copied and click OK. (Img. 4.6.2)