5.1 Typical page content

The "Typical page content" tab contains the regular elements that you will find on the website. (Img. 5.1.1)

List of elements

"Header only" will just have the header field available. It is of course possible to use the Text & media element as well, to add a header. But the "Header only" element can sometimes give a better editorial structure and overview in the back end. (Img. 5.1.2)

"Text & Media" has the options to add a header, text and media files. The settings for layout and appearance allows to place text and files in multiple ways. See more information about "Text & Media" element. (Img. 5.1.3)

Bullet lists can be created in the "Text & Media" element, but is is also possible to use the "Bullet list" element. The lists will look the same, regardless of which element is used. (Img. 5.1.4)

Tables can be created in the "Table" element, either through the table wizard, or by pasting the code from a CSV-list. The "Table" element allows you to select different types of layouts and styles. Please read more about tables here. (Img. 5.1.5)

The "File links" element lists a selection of files for download. There are options for the layout to have an icon added, showing the file-type, or adding a thumbnail next to the link. Learn more about the 'File links' here. (Img. 5.1.6)