5.5.8 Icon, Text and Link

The 'Icon, Text and Link' element is also an info box, that is often used on the start page or as a promo box in a right hand column on subpages. There is an icon selection included in the element, and the icon is presented in a larger format than in the "Icon, Text and Button" element. The element can be found below 'Content elements' when creating a new element. (img

In the 'General' tab you can see that the content element type 'Icon, Text and Link' is selected (1). 

The element uses the regular header field (2) and a text field (3), which is a plain text field, and it is not possible to format this text with row breaks, linked text or any type of text transformation. (img 


Moving on, you can set a link (4) and select an icon by clicking on it (5). (img