2.5 Tabs

The tabs function allows you to split content up, by using tabs. An example could be if you have a product page, where you need to display a lot of information. You can then create tabs like General information, Technical data, Instruction videos etc. All content is loaded at the same time, so the content is available without loading when switching between tabs.  

To create the tabs, start by adding a 'Group of tabs' below the tab 'Grid Elements'. No configuration is needed, so simply save and close the element. (2.5.1)

Now you need to create the tab for the content. Add a tab by creating a new content inside the group of tabs (2.5.2). Here you will only find one option of content, 'Tab' (2.5.3).

Below the tab 'General', add the tab label in the header field. Then save and close the element. (2.5.4)

Repeat the creation of 'Tab', one for each tab. Inside each tab you can create the content for it.  Any type of content can be added inside a tab. (2.5.5)