1.7 Slider

It is possible to add a slider to you website by using the 'Slider' element. The text, on top of each slide, is easily added using the images title, alternative text and description field. It is also possible to link each separate slide. The element can be found below 'Content elements' when creating a new element. (1.7.1)

In the 'General' tab you can see the content element type 'Slider' selected (1). 
The element has the name field (2) - but it is not visible in frontend. When you have several slides, in 'Additional settings' you can choose 'Slider autoplay' or in dropdown menu choose the time interval in seconds (4) between showing slides and in dropdown menu of 'Caption alignment' field (5) you can align your slider to the Left, Right or Center. (1.7.2)

You can add a picture to the Slider when being on the 'Slides' tab and clicking on 'Add image'. There you can select one or multiple images from the file list. (1.7.3)

To add text content to your Slide (after selecting an image) onto the picture you will find the information below the picture. If you can't see it, click on the grey bar (1) to expand the information. On the right hand side of the grey bar, you can find icons to handle the image like: hiding, deleting and moving the files (2). To add  the link text use 'Link text' field (3); write the header in the 'Title' field (4); if you wish to have sub header, use the 'Alternative text' field (5). A link can be placed in the 'Link' field (6) and text can be written in the description field (7) - it is a plain text field, and it is not possible to format this text with row breaks, linked text or any type of text transformation.
It is also possible to crop the image (to select the ratio and the area you want) by selecting the 'Open Editor' button (8) (1.7.4)