8.1 Adding Youtube video on your website using Plain HTML element

It is possible to add a Youtube video on your website by using the embed function on www.youtube.com. This will create a video player as shown below (8.1.1).

The difference between using the embedded code from Youtube, as opposed to using the 'Responsive video' element or the 'Text & Media' element, is that you can exclude showing suggestions of other videos afterwards.

To create the embedded code video, first go to the Youtube website and find the video you wish to use. Below the video you click the Share (Dela) link below the video (8.1.2) 

Now click on the link Embed (Bädda in) to access the code used to insert the video clip on your website (8.1.3) 

The code shown below the video (1), is what you will be copying and then adding tou your website. In this code you can also alter the size of the video.

But before this, you will need to set the parameters for how the video should be displayed.

It is possible to set a specific starting point for the video (2), if you wish skip a part of the video. Left un-checked will have the video start from the beginning.

You can decide if you want YouTube to suggest other videos after the video has finished playing (3). The results will be based on the visitors own preferences, so it could show videos that are unrelated to your business. 

It is possible to hide the player control panel, by un-checking this box (4). Doing this will remove all player options for the visitor for example full screen options and the option to rewind the video.

You can hide the video title, and also the 'View later' and 'Share' options by un-checking this box (5).

With the advanced privacy mode checkbox (6) activated, YouTube will not save information about the visitors on your website, unless they play the video.

After you have set your preferences, you can copy the code and proceed to paste it on your website (8.1.4)

Now go to your TYPO3 website version 9 and add a new element. Select 'Plain HTML' under the tab 'Special elements' (8.1.5)

In the 'General' tab you can see that the content element type 'HTML' is selected (1). You can also add the name (2) of the video, but it will be not visible on frontend. 
Add the copied Embed code into the white field (3) as shown below, save and close (8.1.6)